Julie Hickling, Medical Directorate Business Manager, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Andrew Sims Centre - SWYFT Medical Update 6th December 2016
We’d previously had ad hoc doctors attending the regional Medical Update for Psychiatrists but by working with Andrew Sims Centre to bring the event to a venue in our Trust’s area, we managed to have over 50% of our doctors attending the session.  This proved to be a very cost effective way of ensuring  our doctors were up-to-date with relevant medical illnesses. 

The team from Andrew Sims worked hard to ensure there were speakers for each of the areas we wished to be covering and this paid off as the feedback from our doctors was very positive.  

We would definitely look to repeat in the future.

13th January 2017

Julie Hickling, Medical Directorate Business Manager, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

John Hunter, Development Manager (National Programmes and Leadership Awards) Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Academy

Andrew Sims Centre Conference and Event Management Services 2013 - 2015
I found that using Andrew Sims Centre made running our regional Leadership Awards much easier to organise. All the ASC team helped work with the venue for us to get exactly what we needed to make the day a success. They made suggestions about everything that I needed from room layout and which AV company to use through to helping us with invitations, getting the printing organised and paying the invoices after the event.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ASC to handle events for other organisations, they help guide you through the process, offer choices and sound advice together with practical help on the day.

 28th May 2015

John Hunter – Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy, NHS Health Education Yorkshire and Humber

Graham Firth

The Andrew Sims Centre has administered the now annual UK Intensive Interaction Conference, in partnership with myself and the Intensive Interaction Institute, every year since 2005. Whether located in Leeds, Birmingham or Oxford, this conference has always been efficiently administered beforehand, and impeccably managed on the day. Also, the Intensive Interaction conference has always been extremely successful in terms of the number and range of delegates attending, and, perhaps most crucially, it has always been very well received by an overwhelming majority of the attendees - as evidenced from the very many positive evaluations received (see below for just a few examples).

Evaluation feedback comments from delegates:

"Thank you very much for an informative course and for putting this course on in a place other than London which can be difficult for some people to get to" (2014)
"Love it, love it, love it"(2014)
"It has been an excellent, informative and inspiring day. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and expertise" (2014)

"I have been to most of the II conferences but feel this to be the most informative yet! A great day!"(2013)
"Thank you for a thought-provoking, inspirational and welcoming conference"(2013)
"Fantastic! A very informative and enjoyable day" (2012)
"Everyone was very kind and welcoming - there was great energy and commitment for 

Intensive Interaction from the attendees" (2011)
"A fascinating, informative and inspiring day, excellently organised and great fun" (2007)
"Thank you, well organised, informative and very useful day" (2005)

23rd August 2013

Graham Firth, Intensive Interaction project leader at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Tony Zigmond

The ASC has organised mental health law training courses for the past 12 years. As a co-organiser and speaker I am pleased to have the opportunity to say that it is the most professional and simply the best event management organisation with which I have worked. The ASC has gathered a group of practicing clinicians, who are real experts in the field, to deliver their Mental Health Act section 12 and approved clinician courses. The quality of the courses is assessed from delegates' feedback, which I'm pleased to report, is always very positive.

25th June 2013

Tony Zigmond, consultant psychiatrist

Michele Moran

I have been working with the Andrew Sims Centre for many years on various events, conferences and presentations. The most frequent collaborative piece of work I have been involved in with them in many ways typifies the type of organisation they are. Over the last 4 years, and now into our 5th year, they have provided very able and accomplished support for the management and delivery of what has become our annual Nursing Conference for Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The conference in each successive year has proven to be a very great success. I have spoken with my team members who are involved in this process each year and all have reported that the ASC have always identified one person to take forward the key agenda, and this has enabled the frequent contact to be kept very simple. ASC staff have always been very accommodating in terms of their availability for meetings and have always kept us informed of all activities in relation to the conference. In this latter area, it is noteworthy that they have never progressed specific items without seeking confirmation and agreement from the organisers. I know the ASC staff to be both creative and courteous on our behalf in terms of dealing with the venue, bookings, queries and all other matters including making contact with all of our speakers. They have always sought our advice on the construction of adverts, programmes and conference packs. In effect, they take care of all of the small and large matters associated with conference organisation, leaving clinicians with nothing in effect to worry about. This is but one example of my involvement with them, but I believe this is testament to the way in which they organise all of the events that we as a Trust are involved in. They always deliver, are very competent and very professional in their approach to organising and staging health and social care events.

21st June 2013

Michele Moran, former Chief Nurse of Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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